Scheduling Tool Version 1.6 Installation Instructions

** This version is deprecated **

This lightweight tool will allow you to quickly and easily schedule conference calls directly from Outlook without ever having to worry about finding or remembering your passcodes again! Scheduling a date & time, adding participants from your Outlook contacts, sending out emails and saving in your calendar is now quick & easy with this convenient tool.

If RE-INSTALLING or UPGRADING from an earlier version then first un-install the current version: click Start->Programs->Mercuri Tools->UnInstall or un-install Conference Call Scheduling Tool from the Windows control panel before installing this version

For Outlook 2000/XP/2002/2003/2007 on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7

1) Close and Shutdown Outlook
2) Click here to begin installing the Outlook Scheduling Tool.
3) Download & follow installation instructions. If the install does not start automatically double-click the installation file MCConfCall.exe in your download folder.
4) Once Completed you may restart Outlook

Windows Vista Users and Terminal Server Installations

This release supports Vista and Terminal Server installations. The software will install normally if the end user has sufficient permissions to install software on the PC or server. For Terminal Server installations the "All Users" option must be used and the end user must have administrator privileges.

If the installer above does not install on Vista, follow these instructions:
1) Close and Shutdown Outlook
2) Click here and choose "Save" to download the installer to a location on your computer, such as "c:\downloads"
3) Open the download folder and Right-click the install program and choose "Run As.. Administrator"
4) Login as administrator and click Ok
5) The installer will now run with administrator privileges.
6 Follow installation instructions to completion
7) Once Completed you may restart Outlook. The "Conference Call" button should now appear on your main toolbar.

Configuration Steps

1) You will now see a "Conference Call" button on your Outlook Toolbar.
2) Click the "Conference Call" and fill in your name, your Chairperson (Host) & Participant (Guest) code.
3) Click Save. The "Schedule New Conference Call" button will now be active.

User Instructions

1) Click the "Schedule New Conference Call" button to open a new conference call appointment.
2) Your Outlook Appointment is pre-populated with your conference call information. Just add your subject & message, then add participants from your contacts, send out emails and save your calendar appointment.
3) Your Outlook appointment reminder will popup 15 minutes before the start of your call.
4) As chairperson or host remember to use your chairperson passcode to join your conference call, all other participants will use the participant (guest) code sent out in the invitation.

New Features for 1.6

1) Support for Vista/Windows 7 and Terminal server installations
2) New Call Me feature allows participants to join with the click of a button!
2) One Click participant dial-in from BlackBerry
3) Support for Web Conferencing in the meeting invitation
4) Convenient link to a list of Global dial in and International Toll Free numbers in the meeting invitation and other connection options.